Precise real-time camera tracking for virtual production

Virtual Production Teaser

Precise real-time camera tracking for virtual production

For Green Screen and LED Walls

Image courtesy of Virtual Star Studios

Image courtesy of World Stage

Marker-based tracking for high precision

An infrared layout made with active IR markers is needed for the tracker to obtain its position in 3D space. The marker-based approach ensures the high accuracy and reliability of the system. Depending on the studio configuration, you can choose a floor or ceiling setup for the IR-markers.

Truss Reference Bar

Introducing a brand new solution for virtual production studios. You can install it on a truss system to create a new type of tracking area.

Truss tracking area

Secure fit

Mounts easily with elastic fasteners onto the truss system. Special clasps provide a secure fit without the threat of geometry changes.

Easy installation

The kit contains a setup template for positioning bars on the truss system.


The fastener is compatible with Global Truss F33250, F34250 or analogues.

Ready to use

We already put presets in AntilatencyService and tutorials in the Developers section on our website.

Antilatency software (Alt system) interface

Wireless or wired

The tracker can transfer data using special wireless or wired sockets. The wireless sockets operate using a low-latency 2.4GHz radio protocol at a distance of up to 10 meters. The wired sockets are connected by а USB cable and provide the most reliable connection.

SDK for Unreal Engine, Unity, Aximmetry

The Antilatency SDK comes with plugins for Unreal Engine, Unity and a native C++ and C# API to integrate with any software. All editions of Aximmetry provide native support for the Antilatency tracking system.

Antilatency software (Alt system) interface

Basic Tutorial for Virtual Production

Introducing the integration with EZtrack

As a valuable complement to the Antilatency system, users can now get access to a set of premium features packaged into the EZtrack® system unit. The unique blend of technologies opens new horizons for Virtual Production enthusiasts, studios, and creative teams to get the most out of their Virtual Studio.

One unified interface

Send tracking data over FreeD protocol or with the LiveLink plugin for Unreal. EZtrack® intuitive interface displays all tracking information in a one-tab screen.

Lens data acquisition

EZtrack® reads zoom/focus data from a wide range of digitally encoded lenses (Canon, Fujinon, Angénieux) as well as prime lenses thanks to external encoders.

Genlock support across the rig

EZtrack® processes the Genlock signal generated across the cameras rig, as such feature is especially useful for live-to-air applications.

Camera tracking over IP

Operate the camera tracking via a dedicated WebApp accessible from any computer or tablet on your network, even if control room is away the set.

Default configurations for Virtual Production

Setup for tracking one camera

Alt x1
Universal Radio Socket x2
Tag x2
Tracking area (floor or ceiling) sold in increments of 10 sq. m

Setup for tracking one talent or object

Alt x1
Universal Radio Socket x1
Tag x2
Tracking area (floor or ceiling) sold in increments of 10 sq. m

Note: if ordered without any camera tracking kit, at least 1 radio socket is needed

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