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Alt with wired USB socket

Alt is the main optical-inertial tracking module. Alt gets its position relative to ...



Tracking area (10 m²)

The tracker gets its position relative to an infrared (IR) layout. The IR layout is a set of refer...




The Tag is a type of wireless socket which provides connectivity of Alt to any objects and helps emb...


HMD Radio Socket

This general-purpose wireless USB socket provides the connectivity of Alt to a wide variety of popul...


Pico G2 Socket

This wireless USB socket is designed especially for the Pico G2 HMD and connects to it via USB. The ...



The Bracer is a lightweight 6 DoF hand based game controller. It has a radio connection for wireless...



Per-host lifetime licensing model is applied. Host is a Windows/Android/Linux device

Non-commercial use

Up to 30m2.
Unlimited trackers per user


Standard License

Commercial use

Unlimited area.
Up to 4 trackers per user

$1500 per user

Extended License

Commercial use

Unlimited area.
Unlimited trackers per user.


Build your own

1. Tracking area size

m ×

2. Number of users


3. Choose tracking options

4. Do you need to track objects (guns, flashlights, etc.)?

5. Project deadline

Please fill all lines in the estimation form to get a quote
Antilatency Tracker ×  $
Tracking Area (10m2) ×  $
HMD Radio Socket ×  $
Tag ×  $
Bracer ×  $
Estimated Total Equipment $0
Licensing TBD
Shipping TBD
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