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Antilatency is an inside-out tracking system provider
for VR/AR, Virtual Production, MoCap, Drones and Robotics
that enables an unlimited multiuser experience within the
tracking area without restrictions on scale or shape.


Introducing the Alt — Antilatency tracker.
A hardware module for real-time positional tracking with submillimeter accuracy.

a hand with  Alt- antilatency tracker placed between two fingers


Introducing the Alt — Antilatency tracker.
A hardware module for real-time positional tracking with submillimeter accuracy.

the smallest 6dof positional tracker in the World

Alt is a hardware module for real-time positional tracking with submillimeter accuracy. This tiny module is only 16x16x20mm in size and weighs only 12 grams.

explosion scheme of Alt- antilatency tracker

Sensor fusion

The tracker is based on a sensor fusion approach. It's an inertial measurement unit (IMU) based tracking system with real-time IMU correction based on optical data.

Latency compensation

A tracking speed up to 2000 measurements per second and low hardware latency of 2ms allows extrapolating the position and compensating for rendering latency.

Onboard processing

The tracker is responsible for most of the data processing. This allows the headset to retain performance for other purposes.

Custom optics

Custom designed lenses with a 240 degree field of view, factory calibrated.

Antilatency tracking system area installation process

Tracking area

The tracker gets its position relative to an infrared layout made with active IR markers. Every pattern consists of a unique combination of markers, which helps the tracker understand its position accurately. We cover the area with a foam floor. It helps to precisely install the reference bars, on the other hand, tiles protect the user from falling and injuries.

Customizable area

Thanks to the puzzle-like construction of the foam floor, you can not only scale the tracking area up to 100×100m, but also create it in any custom shape you desire.

Unlimited multiuser

The system has no restrictions on the number of tracked targets because each tracker is guided by the markers independently of other trackers.

No calibration needed

The system does not require any calibration or qualified personnel to support it.


The tracking area scales with cheap IR markers instead of expensive outside-in cameras.

Antilatency software (Alt system) interface

Software Development Kit

Developers have access to our SDK, with plugins for Unity, Unreal Engine, and a native C++ API on Windows and Android platforms. For your convenience, we have developed the SDK configurator, which can be used to create a unique Antilatency SDK subset with the necessary components for your project.

SDK Configurator

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Antilatency tracking system for VR/AR, Virtual Production, Drones and Robotics
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