Introducing the Alt - Antilatency tracker.

A hardware module that can track its location in any environment and under a wide variety of lighting conditions. It is small, but extremely effective.

 12 g
 20x16x16 mm

Key technical characteristics:

 2ms hardware latency
 2000 position measurements per second
 240⁰ field of view
 Onboard processing
 Wireless data transfer

IR layout


We use active infrared markers placed on reference bars to create an IR pattern.
Every pattern consists of a unique combinations of markers, which helps Alt determine its position within the environment.
We cover the area with a foam floor to prevent shifts and damage


Thanks to its design you can create a tracking area of any size and shapes. This can be a critical feature when you have an irregular shaped location that you want to use as a tracking area. The max size of tracking area is 10 000 m2 or 107 640 ft2


With Antilatency tracking you can put any number of users in the same environment. The users can even be wearing different types of headsets. As a plus you can track not only users, but objects or specific parts of the body.

Cost Effectiveness

We provide cheaper solution in comparison with our competitors. Our technology allows areas to be scaled with cheap IR markers instead of expensive outside-in cameras.


Hardware agnostic

Thanks to its modular design, Alt is compatible with a wide variety of hardware. You can use different headsets, include objects from the real life inside VR, create custom controllers and also track different parts of the body with Alt modules.


The Antilatency Tag is a wireless device that helps embed real-world objects in a virtual environment. Add any object or create сustom controllers, to make your VR experience even more exciting! Just simply connect an Antilatency tag.


The Antilatency tracker is a cool solution for VR. We have created different connectors for Alt, compatible with all popular headsets. This also unlocks an opportunity to use a variety of different headsets in the same VR environment.


Bracer is the unique controller. We create an absolutely new device in one gesture approach. All you need is magnet ring and bracer module with a glove, which helps track hands, grab and drop objects in VR like in the reality.


 240o field of view

 2000 position measurements per second

 2ms hardware latency

 Wireless data transfer

 Onboard processing

Scalable area

Object tracking

No qualified staff needed


Fullbody tracking

Cost effective

No calibration

Hardware agnostic

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