Alt: anti-latency tracker
Positioning frequency
Position prediction
Physical latency of our device depends on hardware
Optical-inertial tracking gives us a big stream of mixed data for noiseless and precise coordinates
Our math algorithm predicts a user's position and it helps to stream content without lags
Use many trackers in one interactive area without any conflicts
Exploit several trackers, e.g. controllers including guns, styluses, etc.
The device works under direct sunlight
Headset support
Our tracking solution is compatible with any kind of headsets and easy to install. Just unbox ALT, insert adapter for your type of HMDs in data-port, and add positional tracking to mobile VR experience
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Cardboard VR
Three steps to set up a tracking system with Cardboard:
1. Insert a connector in your cellphone dataport
2. Expand IR-Bars on a VR-area
3. Plug ALT to your cellphone
Samsung Gear VR
Three steps to set up a tracking system with Gear VR:
1. Click a connector to your headset
2. Expand IR-bars around a VR area
3. Plug ALT to your headset
Game controllers
ALT is a modular design solution and you can use your tracker with a nice handle to interact with virtual objects. Just click your second ALT to the controller and enjoy full immersive experience
Scalable area
ALT is a hybrid tracking solution. An optical sensor is guided by infrared markers. You can use several reference bars to create your own virtual space without size and form limits.
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Virtual area without limits
In usual case you can create a room-scale gaming area with one reference bar from a default set
You can create a large virtual space if you and your friends have 4 IR-bars. It's enough to set up 30x30ft zone
If you have 10 000 led-bars you can walk in a virtual reality equator adventure
We hope that VR can revive outdoor activities and give new experience to usual pastime.
So ALT can work under direct sunlight.
Many of VR adopters have a little space in their houses, but also cool gaming area on a backyard.
Have fun on grass and enjoy warm winds
Compete with your friends with the multiplayer mode of ALT
Be one of the first to experience ALT
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