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to track
your position
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Inside-out tracking
A tiny tracker is attached to an object and tracks its physical location using IR markers.
The IR markers are placed according to a simple pattern: in a line.
A flexible IR-bar has been designed and is provided.
No installation is needed: just put the IR-bar in any location and connect it to the portable power bank or to a USB port.
The World's first VR tracker with latency compensation
ALT introduces a new approach - latency compensation - and brings latency-free VR systems to life.
ALT not only tracks the user's position, but also uses high precision prediction algorithms to compensate for latency.
Mobile VR
ALT adds multi-user positional tracking to VR HMD, including mobile VR
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Can be used in
multiuser scenarios
Sun resistant - outdoor scenarios
ALT is compatible with any kind of mobile HMD
A user can exploit several trackers, e.g. controllers including guns, styluses, etc
Coming next
Connecting low-cost handle, you can turn your alt to a precise, ergonomic game controller to interact with the virtual world.
Holographic TV
VR is coming to your TV:
unveil the hidden abilities of your TV with Anti-latency tracker
Any 3D screen,
any size
New VR experience
A user can exploit several trackers, e.g. controllers including guns, styluses, etc
Technology features
The data from the optical sensor, gyro sensor, and accelerometer are combined to make a hybrid tracking system. The data is always accurate because the gyro sensor is calibrated with the optical system on a real-time basis.
1000+ FPS hybrid tracking
The modular design allows the tracker to use it's core functionality in different situations.
To use it with a mobile VR headset or with a desktop system, it's just a question of using a magnetic connector.
The power banks are also detachable so you can switch to another bank at any time.
Modular design
Mobility is not so important for you?
Connect ALT to a wired USB-adapter and forget about
batteries alltogether.
Wireless or Wired
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