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Instalation tutorial for applications that support Antilatency system on Oculus Go
We have prepared the step-by-step tutorial for applications, which using Antilatency tracking on Oculus Go

The software you'll need for installation

SDK Platform Tools
Alt System
Sample application
Prepare your equipment
Create the tracking area, using the video instruction. Power it on.
Prepare the headset for work. Install the socket, using the pattern.
Install software
Install Vysor or same software.
Download AltSystem and sample application. Put it in the SDK Platform tools folder.
Allow a permission on using USB - device on Oculus Go
Turn on the headset. Keep sensor covered as you see on the picture to prevent the device from entering sleep mode.
In Oculus app on your smartphone switch your device in developer mode and connect it to the computer.
Connecting Oculus Go to PC
Connect the headset to PC.
Open the Platform Tools folder then open the Windows PowerShell command input window. To do this, in the upper left corner, find the "File" tab / select "Start Windows PowerShell".
Put it on and allow USB debugging from PC .
If the system issues an error or the commands don't work, use the following commands in sequence:
.\adb.exe kill-server
.\adb.exe start-server
Installing the software on the Oculus Go
Copy and paste the following commands in PowerShell:
Open Vysor, click on the View button. Select the pattern of your tracking area and set it to "default"
.\adb.exe install -r .\AltSystem_v9.0.0.apk
1. AltSystem installation
.\adb.exe shell am start -n com.antilatency.altsystem/.MainActivity
2. Starting AltSystem for configuring the tracking area
In the "Placement" tab, select your device
Click the Recents Tasks button, put on the headset, use the controller to close the AltSystem application
Disconnect Oculus Go, connect the socket and attach the Alt tracker.

Put on the headset. In the window that appears for requesting permission to use the USB device with the AltSystem application, you must agree:
Return to the Windows PowerShell window and install the sample application. To do this, copy and paste the command:
.\adb.exe install -r ./sample.apk
Put on Oculus Go, go to the library, open the "Unknown sources" section, select the sample application.
To see the instruction, open the page on a screen wider than 980px