Holographic TV
ALT tracker with MotionParallax3D support creates a window into virtual world
MotionParallax3D display in action
ALT works with your existing 3D-screens
Turn your monitor or TV into a VR system as easily as 1-2-3
Just place a self-adhesive magnetic base on the 3D glasses and magnetize the ALT to the base.
Self-adhesive bases for popular 3D glasses have been designed and are provided.
Mount the ALT tracker on your 3D-glasses
ALT tracks its physical location using IR-Bar.
IR-bar is placed on the screen's corners and connected with cable on the rear side.
Place IR-Bar on the screen
Making an existing game or app compatible and ready to use with the ALT couldn't be easier.
The ALT Development Kit includes plugins for popular 3D engines.
Go! Launch 3D content with MotionParallax3D support
Check out the range of VR-systems you can build using ALT
Stereo monitor with Nvidia 3D vision
ALT turns your monitor into a virtual window that is sensitive to your movement.
Holographic TV

Upgrade your 3D TV to MotionParallax3D TV for a truly holographic experience

You can easily build a virtual reality CAVE in several hours and create an amazing virtual world
Latency-free positional tracking for HMD
Mount ALT on a VR headset and track your physical location inside your room